Some pictures of our domestic cats here at Mistyblue Cattery and the beloved ones who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Another picture of GH Dante taken at the Monroeville, PA CFA show February 9-10, 2019. GH Dante, birthdate 15 July 2017, was adopted from Hancock County Animal Shelter, West Virginia, at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo. He is happy in his new forever home with playmates, Larry, Balki and Mikey.

This is Mikey of Mistyblue, he came to us from the Butler County Humane Society at the age of three months. He is one of our domestic shorthair boys and he is very sweet and loveable. He enjoys the company of our Korat girl, Satin, his favorite playmate. This picture was taken in July 2009 when mommy and Mikey were outside enjoying the warm sunny summer weather. He was walking through the day lilies in the rock garden. Mikey was shown in one TICA show and placed Twelfth Best Household Kitten in 2009 for the Mid Atlantic Region.

This is Palley. She was found and rescued as a tiny kitten with a very severe infection, the Vet didn't have much hope for her, but she was a strong little girl and pulled through.She was so ill the first night in our house she stayed under the blanket next to me and hardly made a move the whole night. She was shown in one CFA show and placed in each ring. According to CFA her color is blue creme. To us, she is our pretty shorthair domestic kitty. This is one of her favorite sitting positions, with one or two legs hanging. Palley was born in March 1997. This picture was taken 6 June 2010. Palley crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 8 June 2012 at 15 years of age and we miss her very much.

Another picture of Hemingway. He enjoyed posing for the photo session, laid back and taking it easy. Hemingway is now a resident of Maryland living with my daughter and her polydactyl cat, Digit.

Fleta was given her name because she could be right by my feet one second and gone the next, she was like a little speeding bullet. Fleta's date of birth is 23 January 2002 by caesarean. We almost lost her but she was a strong little girl and pulled through. Her mother is Lacey. This is her Summer picture which was snapped on 2 August 2010. Fleta loves to go outside and roll on the cement walk but someone is always outside with her so her outings are limited. We lost Fleta 04-15-11 to multiple malignant tumors of the liver, gall, etc. She was a fighter, we tried everything we could for her including exploratory surgery but we all lost. We miss her very much, she was one of our beautiful little Singapura girls who crossed over the Rainblw Bridge much too soon.

On this picture we see Lacey, our very first Singapura girl. Lacey is from Moon-tan Cattery. Lacey's CFA registered name is CH,GP Autura's Ivory Lace of Honeygraham. Lacey gave us five kittens during her breeding career, two boys and two girls her first litter, and one girl her last litter, little Fleta. Lacey talks to us, when she has something to say, and likes attention. She sits on a lap when she decides she wants to. Lacey has never quite accepted a dog being in the house and avoids her, of course, Sieben has no clue Lacey would prefer her not to be in the house, as she is a dog. Lacey was born 5-5-98. This picture of Lacey was taken on 7 Feb. 2010.

One of our three house cats, Persephone, has been with us for 12 years. Persephone's favorite sleeping place is the sofa and it is even nicer when a person is also on the sofa for her to snuggle against. Our house cats were with us before the purebreds and they have a special place in our hearts. This picture was taken on 19 Feb. 2006. On 8 March 2008 we lost Persephone to liver cancer. She is waiting for us over the Rainbow Bridge. We miss her very much.

photo by Milla Pyotsia
Alex is our oldest domestic shorthair companion, she was born in the spring of 1991. Alex is quite healthy for her age but stays inside during the cold winter months. She likes to be outside when it is warm but she is only permitted to be out in the daytime, she enjoys the woods behind our house but never wanders far. One of her favorite times to be outside is when there is a person out there with her, she likes to help with the flower planting and walking along down to get the mail -:). This picture of Alex was taken in July 2007. Alex was diagnosed with severe kidney failure and shortly thereafter, with aid from our Vet, we let her go on over the Rainbow Bridge on 20 October 2008. We miss her very much.

A picture with Alex and our new little puppy. She didn't have a name yet on this picture but was later dubbed Sieben for being born the 7th month, July, and for being a dachshund with German ancestory.

Our just for fun picture of Amber, our other Singapura girl, and Sieben, older now, with Amber "holding down the dog". When Sieben first came to us she was a tiny little thing and Amber would hold her down and try to wash her. Maybe she thought Sieben was just a funny looking kitten. Now that the dog is all grown up Amber still "holds her down" and Sieben just lies there, guess it's a dog-cat thing.This picture was taken 31 March 2009. Amber is one of Lacey's girls, she was born on April Fool's Day in the year 2000. Amber crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 26 December 2013, we miss her.

This is CH Jing's Bluemoon aka Misty, a spayed female and now one of our companions, time to take it easy after giving us some very beautiful kittens. She is the first Korat to come to us and our only girl from Jing's Cattery. This is her picture taken on 7 January 2010, starting out the New Year sitting by the window. Her date of birth is 5/27/98. Her Dad is Ch Jing's Ky Tao and her Mom is Jing's Moonglow. Misty received the CFA Great Lakes Regional Award for Best Korat for the show season 1999-2000 and CFA Great Lakes Regional Award for 3rd Best Korat for the show season 1998-1999. With the aid of the Vet our beautiful little Misty crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 17 August 2015. We miss her very much.

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