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This is the cat with five hearts, three of which are on the head. Looking at the Korat straight-on, you see the Valentine-shaped heart of the head, which can be gently traced around the head. The second heart is found by looking down over the top of the Korat's head, and the third heart is the nose. The other two hearts, which are not part of the head, are the muscular area of the chest when the cat is sitting, and the most-commonly-forgotten one, the heart inside the cat! As the cat matures, the heart shapes on the head become more pronounced.

Please enjoy viewing the following pictures of our beautiful, intelligient, affectionate kitties.

Here is a picture of one of our two new beautiful girls who came to our Cattery in August 2013. We are proud she is a member of our feline family. GC Kobalt Kalista of Mysticblue is Best of Breed Korat in Championship for Great Lakes Region, CFA, for show year 2013-2014. Also Best of Breed and 13th Best Cat in Championship for show year 2014-2015. Kalista is IC (International Champion) in FIFe. She was born 05 July 2011, her breeder is Bernd Pollesche. Her dam is IC Kobalt Kanisha (FIFe) and her sire is IC Boon-Mee of San-Chai (FIFe).

Amidala's four kittens at six weeks. They were taking a nap on the chair. These four beauties will be in their new homes February 2017. Proud papa is Anakin.

Our other beautiful girl from Germany. She is the daughter of Kalista and her name is CH Kobalt Amidala of Mysticblue aka Ami'd. She is Best of Breed Korat Kitten in Great Lakes Region, CFA, for show year 2013-2014 and second Best of Breed Korat cat for show year 2014-2015. She was born 01 April 2013, this picture was taken on 10-12-2013. Her sire is CH Doklao Kobalt Quinn (FIFe), a very handsome Korat boy.

Our own CH Mysticblue Artemisia Ana. She was enjoying some outside time inside the Purr-fect cat fence. This photo was snapped 20 October 2016. Ana just turned one year old on the 19th. Artemis and Anakin are her parents.

A Picture of our boy Anakin Skywalker taken on 14 February 2016. He is our sweet boy and our Sire. He was born 12/23/2012, two days early to be a Christmas kitten. Anakin's parents are CH Kiriki Justa Mattera Thai'm and QCH, PR Maleza Galena of Mistyblue.

Another picture of Amidala. She enjoys tummy rubs and will roll over on her back and look at me with those beautiful eyes as if to say "I'm ready". CH Kobalt Amidala of Mysticblue is Second Best of Breed Korat in Championship for Great Lakes Region, CFA, for show year 2013-2014.

Here are our four kittens at Mistyblue, three girls and one boy, their proud mama is Mistyblue Artemis. They were born on 23 May 2012. On this photo they were sleepy eyes and our girl, Casey, jumped up on the tree and began to wash them. She is their second mama, looks after them, follows them around, tends to them, makes sure all is safe, we have dubbed her "the nanny". They are nine weeks old on this pic.

Niobe aka Whimsey with her second litter of one, Balki. She took care of that little guy, just as proud as she cold be. Her first litter was six, she gave us seven kittens when a Queen. Whimsey was born 24 April 2008. This pic was snapped on 13 April 2011.

Here we see Neubi with four of her kittens, she is taking it easy sitting on the end with her eyes closed. One little girl, Artemis, will stay here with us at Mysticblue Cattery.

Whimsey in her new forever home. She always wanted to be an only cat, she was a loner, didn't socialize with the other Korat girls. She is in kitty heaven now with lots of love and all the attention, all the toys, everything, for her only. Cannot get any better than that. In this photo, sent to us by her new person, she is watching her fish.
Another photo of Ana taken on the same day 20 October 2016.

Our kittens who go to their new homes as a loving pet are altered (spayed/neutered) before leaving our cattery.
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